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GGO Media Pvt. Ltd. homes a highly colorful audio- visual world of six channels altogether, running on several MSOs. Our channels are not limited by the geographical boundary of our country, but distributed across the globe. You can watch us anytime in countries like USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh as well, apart from India on our app only. In India watch us whenever you want to on several MSOs as in the SITI Cable Network, Saptak Digital, Arohan Limited and so on, currently running in all the mega cities like Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. Our viewers are of utmost priority for us. We assure to provide our viewers with the best quality technology, hence telecast our contents through a famous portal in Canada, USA. To keep our contents highly satisfactory for our viewers, we opened our own production house called C Tune Production.

GGO Media aims to take the art of entertainment to such a height that has always been out of reach for others. We keep striving to turn the idiom sky’s the limit into a concrete success through our methods of storytelling, and that is too through music. The magical journey of Indian music has been started to reach the dream of our chairman Mr. Soumya Chatterjee, a popular vocalist and a vibrant entrepreneur. His incredibly creative mindset always ventures out to explore new horizons, and here too creates it’s own mark in the entertainment industry. With a mind always craving for something innovative, he started his own C Tune Production house long back in 2010, with an avid interest both in the entertainment world of Bollywood and Tollywood. He believes that high level of energy channels into providing the best performance and hence, following his highly energetic personality, his whole team never fails to keep themselves updated with the time to come, and hence we are always ahead of time to appease our viewer’s choice and demands.